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Annual Calendar 2020-21

April 2020

Date Day Details
15-04-20 Wednesday New session begin
18-04-20 Saturday Annual General Meeting
22-04-20 Wednesday World Earth Day celebration (Classes Nur to 12)
23-04-20 Thursday World health Day celebration (First Aid kit) (Classes 4th to 12th)
25-04-20 Saturday Inter house volley ball competition (Classes 9th to 12th)
25-04-20 Saturday Sexual Harassment meeting(six monthly)
27-04-20 Monday Eco – Club activity
27-04-20 to 30-04-20 Monday To Thursday Monthly Test for Nur & KG
30-04-20 Thursday Skit on women empowerment (Continuation of 150th Birth Anniversary


May 2020

Date Day Details
07-05-20 Thursday Buddha Purnima (Holiday)
08-05-20 Friday Mother’s Day (Card Making) (Classes Nur to 12)
09-05-20 Saturday Second Saturday (Holiday)
13-05-20 Wednesday Inter house basketball competition (Manekshaw Vs Cariappa) (Classes 10th to 12th)
16-05-20 Saturday Inter house basketball competition ( Ranjit Vs Shivaji) (Classes 10th to 12th)
18-05-20 to 23-05-20 Monday To Saturday Assessment – 1 ( Classes 1st to 12th ) / Monthly test for Nur & KG
25-05-20 Monday General body meeting / Hand writing competition (Classes 1st to 12th ) & (Continuation of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi)
27-05-20 Wednesday Inter-house basketball competition (Finals)( Classes 10th to 12th)
28-05-20 Thursday Eco-club activity
30-05-20 Saturday PTM (Classes Nur to 12th)


June 2020

Date Day Details
01-06-20 Monday Summer Vacations begins


July 2020

Date Day Details
07-07-20 Tuesday School Reopens
11-07-20 Saturday Second Saturday (Holiday)
14-07-20 Tuesday Lecture by teacher on Fundamental rights & duties (Continuation of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi)
15-07-20 Wednesday Poetry recitation (Classes Nur & KG)
17-07-20 Friday Inter class spell bee competition (Classes 1st to 3rd )
18-07-20 Saturday Inter house Badminton competition (Manekshaw Vs Ranjit)( Classes 8th to 9th)
21-07-20 Tuesday Pamphlet Making on Fundamental Duties (Constitutional Day celebrations)
25-07-20 Saturday Inter house Badminton competition (Cariappa Vs Shivaji) (Classes 8th to 9th)
27-07-20 to 30-07-20 Monday To Thursday Monthly Test Nur & KG
28-07-20 Tuesday Inter house Badminton competition (Finals) (Classes 8th to 9th)
29-07-20 Wednesday Eco club activity


August 2020

Date Day Details
01-08-20 Saturday Rakhi Making competition (Classes Nur to 12th )
03-08-20 Monday RakshaBandhan (Holiday)
06-08-20 Thursday Shramdaan Act ((Continuation of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi)
08-08-20 Saturday Second Saturday (Holiday)
10-08-20 Monday Janmashatmi celebrations
10-08-20 Monday Assessment – 2 begins (Classes 1st to 12th) / Monthly Test Nur & KG
11-08-20 Tuesday Janmashtami (Holiday)
13-08-20 Thursday Quiz Competition on Fundamental Duties (Constitutional Day Celebration)
14-08-20 Friday Independence day celebration
15-08-20 Saturday Independence day (Holiday)
18-08-20 Tuesday Assessment – 2 Ends (Classes 1st to 12th)
22-08-20 Saturday Sukhmani Sahib Path
28-08-20 Friday Eco Club Activity
29-08-20 Saturday Educational Tour
31-08-20 Monday PTM (Classes Nur to 12th )


September 2020

Date Day Details
02-09-20 Wednesday Tree / flower plantation in school garden (Continuation of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi)
03-09-20 Thursday Reading of Preamble and fundamental duties (Constitutional Day Celebration)
04-08-20 Friday Reading competition (Classes 1st to 5th )
05-09-20 Saturday Teacher’s day celebration
09-09-20 Wednesday Inter class carom competition (Classes 5th to 7th)
10-09-20 Thursday Eco club activity
12-09-20 Saturday Second Saturday (Holiday)
14-09-20 Monday Sexual Harassment meeting (Six monthly)
19-09-20 To 28-09-20 Saturday To Monday Assessment -3 (Classes 1st to 12th) / Monthly test Nur to KG
29-09-20 & 30-09-20 Tuesday & Wednesday Result preparation holiday


October 2020

Date Day Details
01-10-20 Thursday Result Preparation Holiday
02-10-20 Friday Gandhi Jayanti (Holiday)
03-10-20 Saturday PTM (Classes Nur to 12th)
05-10-20 Monday Second Semester starts
07-10-20 Wednesday Quiz (Eco club)
09-10-20 Friday Show and tell activity (Classes Nur to KG) & Cultural Programme
(Continuation of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi)
10-10-20 Saturday Second Saturday (holiday)
15-10-20 Thursday Inter house Kabaddi competition
(Manekshaw Vs Cariappa) (Classes 4th to 8th)
16-10-20 Friday Inter house kabaddi competition
(Ranjit Vs Shivaji) (Classes 4th to 8th)
17-10-20 Saturday Inter house kabaddi competition (Finals) (Classes 4th to 8th)
20-10-20 Tuesday Organization Mock Parliament (Constitutional Day Celebration)
24-10-20 Saturday Dussehra Holidays
27-10-20 to
Tuesday To Friday Monthly test Nur & KG
31-10-20 Saturday Valmiki Jayanti (Holiday)


November 2020

Date Day Details
02-11-20 Monday Eco club activity
03-11-20 Tuesday Science Quiz (Class 1st to 3rd )
05-11-20 Thursday Pledge taking ceremony to mark the occasion (Constitutional Day Celebration)
07-11-20 Saturday Second Saturday (Holiday)
12-11-20 Thursday Children’s day celebration
13-11-20 Friday Diya / Card making activity (Classes Nur to 12th)
14-11-20 to
Saturday to Tuesday Diwali holidays
21-11-20 Saturday Annual Day celebrations
23-11-20 Monday Assessment – 4 begins (Classes 1st to 12th) /
Monthly Test for Nur & KG
24-11-20 Tuesday Guru Teg Bahadur Martyrdom Day (Holiday)
30-11-20 Monday Guru Nanak Birthday (Holiday)


December 2020

Date Day Details
01-12-20 Tuesday Assessment – 4 Ends (Classes 1st to 12th) /
Welcome winter activity (Classes Nur to 3rd)
04-12-20 Friday Eco Club activity
05-12-20 Saturday Kho Kho competition (Classes 6th to 8th )
12-12-20 Saturday Second Saturday (Holiday)
17-12-20 Thursday Pre-board – I Starts Classes 10th & 12th /
Monthly Test for Nur & KG
23-12-20 Wednesday Christmas celebrations
24-12-20 Thursday Pre-board – I Ends Classes 10th & 12th
25-12-20 Friday Winter Vacations starts


January 2021

Date Day Details
04-01-21 Monday School Reopens
07-01-21 Thursday Eco club activity
09-01-21 Saturday Second Saturday (Holiday)
11-01-21 Monday Chess competition (Semi finals)(Classes 9th to 12th)
12-01-21 Tuesday Chess competition (Finals) (Classes 9th to 12th)
14-01-21 Thursday Makar Sankranti (Holiday)
16-01-21 Saturday Pre-board- II Starts Classes 10th & 12th /
Monthly Test for Nur & KG
23-01-21 Saturday Republic day celebrations
25-01-21 Monday Pre-board-II Ends Classes 10th & 12th
26-01-21 Tuesday Republic day (Holiday)


February 2021

Date Day Details
03-02-21 Wednesday Eco club activity
13-02-21 Saturday Second Saturday (Holiday)
26-02-21 Friday Final Exam begins Classes 1st to 12th /
Monthly test for Nur & KG


March 2021

Date Day Details
11-03-21 Thursday Shivrathi (Holiday)
20-03-21 Saturday Second Saturday (Holiday)
20-03-21 Saturday PTM Classes Nur to 9th & 11th
29-03-21 Monday Holi (Holiday)

*New Sessions begins from 2nd April 2021
*Dates are subjected to change. Kindly contact the school for any confirmation.


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